Jul 28, 2009

[NEWS] Super Junior SungMin clarifies dating rumours, with SNSD Sunny

Super Junior member, Sung Min was on the 22nd July episode of MBC Radio Star corner where he clarified that he was just good friends with SNSD's Sunny.

Sung Min was on Radio Star together with his fellow band mates from Oppa Band, which is showing every Sunday through MBC Sunday Sunday Night. MC Kim Gura asked Sung Min during the broadcast, "Are you dating Sunny (SNSD)?", to which Sung Min replied, "We only became closer after hosting a radio program together", and stressed that they were only good working colleagues. But Kim Gura continued to tease Sung Min, "Sunny's uncle, Lee Soo Man was wondering if the both of you were dating", leaving him flustered.

That was not the end as Trax member, Jung Mo revealed, "Sung Min gets along very well with only Soo Young and Sunny from SNSD. He (Sung Min) even teached Sunny how to play the guitar", hinting that they were probably more than just colleagues.

Sung Min also showed his appreciation for his boss, Lee Soo Man during the broadcast, saying, "he's the man who helped realized my dream."

credit: coolsmurf@allkpop.com + tvxqindo + pussel@dc_entertainment


nizsaa said...

jiaaah~ sunsun xP
di omelin chi lho ngepost ginian..
minanii.. selamatkan akuu!!

chii said...

teganya dirimu wahai kakakqu...
aq udah ngelupain hal ini..
biar gak tmbah strezz
tp malah jd di post disini juga..

antara seneng ternyata dy gak ada hubungan ma sunny..
tp sedih n jealous juga baca sbagian pernyataan di atas..
tp aq juga gak berhak nglakuin apa2 kalo kenyataanny beda sama yg di bilang umin..
asal bikin umin seneng aq rela..
hiks hikss..
*nangiz di pojokan*


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