Jul 28, 2009

090727 Seunghyun UFOs

sekian lama tak mengepost..
ngepost jg driqyu.. wkakakaka..
tp binun mw ngepost ape..
jd y gni ni dech..

090727 Seunghyun UFOs

Fan: Hongki yah! Your new image is really handsome! New album, fighting! It’s really nice to listen to
Seunghyun: My image is also very handsome~! ~hehehehe

Fan: Hongki Oppa~ I’m completely drowning in your smile. This kind of style~ really suits the Oppas.. ~fighting. I love love love you..
Seunghyun: Love you~~~~

Fan: Five treasures~ My dearest treasures~ When are you coming to China? Every song of yours is too spectacular~ work hard too for the third album~ Seunghyun you’re really cute~ ah~ Minhwan’s drumming is really good, teach me please~ Fighting^^! Give the world the best music!
Seunghyun: We’ll still have to work harder~ ^-^

Fan: Seunghyun Oppa~ my eye got injured!. Really painful! Wuwuwuwu*!!!.♥
Seunghyun: Your eyes cannot get injured.. wuwuwuwu*
*Crying sounds

Fan: The new songs are really very nice Seunghyun ah ♥ Say to me “I love you” this is my wish ^^
Seunghyun: Love……… You…….. ^^ hehehe

Source: UFOtown.cn
Translated by: --dreamx @ soompi forums
repost : AkuenKigahen @AF + adel@ftisland_indonesia + pussel@dc_entertainment



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