Sep 24, 2009


aku membawa seseorang yang baru !
nggak baru sih sebenernya, tp aku baru kenal aja XD
nah semuanya kenalin yaah..
ini adek ku !
*di tendang* ^^v

Stage Name : IU (아이유)
Real Name : Lee Ji Eun (이지은)
irthday : May 16th, 1993
Height : 165 cm
Weight : 47 kg
Blood Type : A
Hobbies : Reading
Specialty : Singing
Favourite Star : Gummy, Ha Dong Kyun, Taeyang
Favourite Actor : Kang Ji Hwan, Jung Tae Yang, Han Ji Min
Favourite Musicians : Kim Tae Woo, Gummy, Tamia

Other Facts:
-From LOEN Entertainment
-Both Gummy, Toy and Jung Jae Hyung have praised her on her potential

IU has a such deep voice that most people would find it hard to believe it comes from a young slender girl. These days many singers want to be a singers for the fame rather than for the love of the music, but IU mentioned that she wanted to sing that people may find their lost dreams through her songs. Before the release of this album, IU had already featured in various artistes’ songs, including those of Go Yoo Jin and Wanted. Famous Producers and Composers such us Choi Gap Won took part in the album, which has songs ranging from ballads to dance numbers. The title track, Missing Child is a ballad with electronic sounds and hip-hop rhythms, thus making it a hybrid-pop song.


IU memiliki suara yang dalam yang paling dicari kebanyakan orang sulit dipercaya bahwa itu keluar dari suara gadis muda belia. Saat ini banyak penyanyi ingin menjadi penyanyi terkenal bukannya untuk kecintaannya tehadap musik, tetapi IU menyinggung bahwa dia ingin bernyanyi untuk orang-orang yang akan menemukan ‘Lost Dreams’ melalui nyanyiannya. Sebelum merelease album ‘Lost & Found’, IU telah bekerjasama dengan beberapa penyanyi terkenal, termsuk dengan Go Yoo Jin dan Wanted. Producer & Composer terkenal seperti Choi Gap Won turut serta dalam album ‘Lost & Found’, yang mana lagu ber-genre ballad menjadi lebih ‘dance numbers’. Lagu andalan, Missing Child adalah lagu ballad dengan electronic sounds dan hip-hop rhythms, dan menjadikannya hybrid-pop song.

Music Career

Lee Ji Eun debuted on September 24, 2008 with her first mini-album, Lost and Found in which she was praised by various Korean artists for her strong vocals. On April 16, 2009, Lee Ji Eun returned with her first full album, titled Growing Up with her title song being, Boo, in which she started promotions for the album on the 17th. Within three weeks, Boo went up to the #1 contendants for SBS Inkigayo, and her names also went up twice on Take 7 together with other notable artists like SG Wannabe and YounHa. The song is also doing very well on KBS Music Bank K CHart, on Mnet M!Countdown chart, and on various online music charts.
Lee Ji Eun also often sings covers other artist songs, most notably renditions of SHINee "Juliette", Super Junior "Sorry, Sorry" and Girls' Generation "Gee". More recently, Lee Ji Eun sung the ending title song, Arano for the acclaimed MBC drama, Queen Seondeok, where she was recommended by the music director of the drama, citing her "clear tone and her lyrical sensibility."

Solo Activities
In August 2009, Lee Ji Eun became a host for the new program Gom Music Chart on GomTV, a weekly show, where South Korean netizens get to vote for their favourite song on the charts.


Lost And Found - 1st Mini-Album
Tracklist :
1. 미운 오리 (Ugly Duckling)
2. 미아 (Missing Child)
3. 있잖아 (You See...) (feat Mario)
4. Feel So Good
5. Every Sweet Day
6. Missing Child (MR)

Vol. 1 – Growing Up
Tracklist :
01. 바라보기 (To Look at)
02. Boo
03. 가여워 (Poor Thing)
04. A Dreamer
05. Every Sweet Day
06. 미아 (Missing Child)
07. 나 말고 넷 (Not Me, But Four)
08. 있잖아 (You See…)
09. 졸업하는 날 (Day of Graduation)
10. Feel So Good
11. 미운 오리 (Ugly Duckling)
12. 마주보기 (바라보기 그 후) [To Look at (After Looking at)]
13. 미아 ( Acoustic Ver.) (Missing Child) [Acoustic Version]
14. 있잖아 ( Rock Ver.) (You See…) [Rock Version]
15. Boo (Inst.)
16. 가여워 (Inst.) (Poor Thing) [Instrumental]

sources : soompi + wikipedia + weheartiu + lautanindonesia


chii said...

LOEN Ent..??
baru sadar kalo sama2 di Loen..
kenal sama Jinwoong dong..

IU keren..
daqu suka ngeliat dia kalo dah maen gitar..

ranty pebriantika said...

iu itoh manis banget. suaranya bagus pinter maen gitar pula. ckckckck. peneng banget bisa kayak dia. ^_^

ranty said...

iu itoh manis banget. suaranya bagus pinter maen gitar pula. ckckckck. peneng banget bisa kayak dia. ^_^


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